Monday, October 28, 2013

Beyond the Victory - Paradigm

    When I heard the band’s first song on Paradigm, titled Gilded, I thought “Wow… I really need to review these guys”.  They’ve got a crisp sound and incredible sense of scope for the type of band that they are.  I honestly usually hate these “metalcore” bands.  This genre is filled with bands that are just awful.  Too much “noise” not enough music.  It’s the “tough kid” genre of music.  Filled with whiney little “stars” who get up on stage and make ridiculous “tough kid” faces and do their little “hardcore dancing”… and before you little Warped Tour fans go off on that whole “too metal for you!!!!!!!” crap, go listen to some Between the Buried and Me, Wretched, or Dillinger Escape Plan and come back and call your genre “metal” again. 

    But I digress… because we’re focusing on Beyond the Victory, who takes this genre and puts a very solid spin on it.  They do indulge in some “chugga chugga” a bit too much, but they infuse it with some excellent riffs and fun lyrics that take it past the “tough guy” crowd.  Some lyrics toe the line, but that’s forgiven given the general audience of this type of music.  They remind me a great deal of The Color Morale… skilled and heavy with a “touch” of the “metalcore”.  Escape from Pomeii is one of the best songs of the year for me. 

    The vocalists are very good.  They should utilize the “singer” more.  He’s solid.  The screamer is great as well, but I’d like to see more balance.  They’ve got some incredible talent across the instruments.  They’re definitely heavy and capable of getting a crowd moving.  They’ve got great orchestration and song structure.  It’s very mature for their age.  This is a young band with a ton of potential.  I love it when the guitar has more lead style riffs.  They become a totally unique and fun group when you have the shredding lead over the “chugga chugga”.  It’s awesome and full of energy.  Then they break it down, and you’ve got the generic chugga.  But, there is enough top-end energy and riffs to keep the music feeling fresh and not stale.  I also have to comment on all the electronic enfluenced effects.  It’s Almost “dj-ish”.  I’m not a fan, and it jars me upon listening.  It just doesn’t work with this bands awesome energy and song writing.  Upon looking up their live work, they don’t sound the same.  That shows a lot of “tracking” had been done on their album and it’s used live, and I’m a bit of a purist.   

    But, with complete honesty, I felt truly led to write this review for one piece of advice… this band has the potential to be great, and this is a really good album.  However, they could also go the other way in the future, and embrace the “studio-centric and chugga chugga” aspects of their music.  I’m begging you guys… shred, and write great songs.  Kick out the excess stuff and you’ll be an incredible band. 

    As it stands, this is a four-star album, no doubt… and so close to five-star, I can taste it.  Good work, guys. 

--the Professor

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