MONSTERWORKS Release Bonus Track from Earth for Free Download

Following rave reviews for the new Monsterworks epic : Earth, the band is releasing a bonus track for free download to compliment the digital release.

The track "Vaporized" is available here for streaming and download at this location.  

[Direct link -] 

Vocalist/Guitarist Jon says:  "This track is essential for completion of the timeline of the album because whereas the rest of the songs are about the birth and development of our planet, this one is about the end of the world....when it is expected that the Sun will expand to a red giant in a few billion years and 'vaporize' the Earth.  But that is a long way in the meantime, have a nice day."

"Despite the grim subject matter it is a bit of a fun song using a riff we used to joke around with in the jam room at least ten years ago.  It sounds like Celtic Death-Techno."

Earth is available through all the usual digital outlets and with a digipak CD signed/numbered edition with lyric book (and two bonus tracks) available direct from the band via its webstore
A set of visuals to accompany the title track of the album is posted HERE.


"To be blunt, Monsterworks has upped the ante on this one, with death metal playing side by side with all sorts of progressive fervor, sprinkled with some of the most beautiful melodies I've heard from them yet......I'm really blown away by this masterpiece."  
[10/10] - The Grim Tower 

"A mix of thrash awesomeness and progressive metal melts together to form something that isn't new, isn't old, but isn't generic - it's just Monsterworks and that's just fine!"
- Metal Mouth

"...a towering enthralling journey through time and invention. Fusing almost every metal style you can imagine into fluid and seamless soundscapes which suggest and paint more imaginative portraits in a few minutes of descriptive notes than can be found in a thousand words, the band has come up with one of this year's major evocations. It is a masterful release which reveals and rewards much more with each eager encounter."
- Ring Master Reviews

"Look, I have been a music fan all of my life. I have listened to countless bands and not many have hit me as hard as this one did. 'Earth' is a complex, well produced collection of tracks." - 

"....this is really thinking man's metal....[it] doesn't crush you the moment you pop it in the player, it just sort of soaks within your mind and your soul and grows and infects you."



Hugo - Bass
James - Drums
Jon - Guitar / Vocals
Marcus - Lead Guitar