Saturday, September 14, 2013

Huge Rat Attacks - Organic Babies

Moody and intense, Organic Babies begins with a mix of industrial and post-metal soundscape intro and builds into abrasive keys and eerie yet angular guitars. Voivod’s technical deterioration and fuzz can be heard in Dimensional Hoops but with a fresh perspective. Up to date and never techno really, it moves quickly into roots stoner rock and psychedelia territory.

The title track Organic Babies  they drone in the pop sense, into Spacemen 3 territory but with a clear purpose of songwriting, a thoughtful piece turning it’s ear worm screw into your brain plate. It’s in the water... and it turns to Wheel, a cool classic song with radio appeal, if radio didn’t stink like eggs that is. Bands like Aeges, Huge Rat Attacks and Baroness are writing smart relevant numbers that will be heard by a lucky few.
If you play pop metal ditties and you don’t play some heavy songs you’re just a pop band though so; Huge Rat Attacks drops the harmonies and replaces it with blues heavy power guitar and howls from the halls vocals and hammers it home with bone crushing drum nastiness. Heavy Jelly scores huge doom points (the most crippling of points). If you’re lucky you like revivalist rock because the breadth of Organic Babies is of the barefoot variety. You can bask in the sunlit rays of One More Day Fades Away before jumping into a loud Chevy pickup and even louder stereo, burning down dirt roads, cranking Detonate until the tank runs dry.

Not a long but extremely satisfying album ends with Vision Quest: Gary. A title The Butthole Surfers might have come up with and a song that the Surfers would have been proud to have wrote. Cool riffs remind of Kiss and Thin Lizzy, an epic performance that scrapes the clouds with it’s charcoal kisses and leaves us on a heavy, heavy note. Yet another great album that should be sitting in bins at all local record stores. You can find it at Bandcamp, iTunes and Amazon for now.

--Plague Rat

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