Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Flying Eyes - Lowlands

So....did you catch The Flying Eyes last record?  No?  Shame on you.  Yes?  Then the rest of this should be of no surprise to you.

Released July 26 via Noisolution, The Flying Eyes new record, Lowlands, is a heavy psychedelic rock record to be reckoned with.   The addition of producer Rob Girardi has pushed The Flying Eyes studio sound to a new level for the band.  “This was the first chance we’ve had to work with a producer,” the band say, “and it made all the difference. Rob was totally focused on the execution of the recording, giving us the freedom to completely absorb ourselves in the performance. During overdubs, he also kept us on task so we didn’t slip down the rabbit hole of psychedelic weirdness.”  Their hard work has paid off.While the record is pretty straight forward in terms of song writing style, it does pleasantly meander from heavy and FUZZY riffs (some of this years fuzziest in fact) to slightly more laid back tempos and utilizes acoustic instruments (grandpa’s guitars for the Metalocaplypse crowd).  In simplistic terms, the record sounds huge with it’s spaced out, but not overblown, retro-psychedelic textures.  Where I could here reverb in the last record, they have now translated that sound into space.  There is a difference and it shows up in the production this time around.  It is a really great headphone experience.

It’s obvious that I am a fan of these guys and have been for a while.  I was anxiously awaiting Lowlands release.  I don’t want to heap more credit than it deserves, but in the Psychedelic/Stoner realms, this is far and away one of the years best.  The Flying Eyes are a young band.  I think they might average the age of 23.  They put out a surprisingly mature sound for such young lads.  This is only their third release, but the the progression and growth of their sound is evident and trumps most records in the genre that pass through the submission folder in my neck of the woods. 

Oh, and did I mention how fucking fuzzy they get? 

Yeah...check it out.

--The Grime

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