Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Daily Bandcamp Album; Weedpecker by Weedpecker

Growing up being a somewhat talented artist, I've grown fond of album artwork. A good looking album cover will get my attention. The debut album by Polish rocker Weedpecker certainly got my attention with their debut album. The cover depicts a naked woman sitting up against what appears to be a dead half man half crow (Crowman?) type creature smoking what I can only imagine is a joint. With a name like Weedpecker, it seems to make sense.

I've found that sometimes a good looking cover doesn't always mean the album will be any good. It's 50/50, it is good or it isn't. I'm happy to say that Weedpecker's debut is in the good 50%. Instrumentally some of the guitars are tuned to sound like Josh Homme's when he played in Kyuss. That's about the only comparrison I would make to them though. While Weedpecker does have a somewhat desert rock sound to them, their sound is actually closer to Dozer. I see no claim that these guys are trying to be the next Kyuss or Dozer, and that's not only a good thing, it's a wonderful thing. The album is unique and the sound is fantastic. The song "Don't Trust Your Elephant" is an amazing instrumental. Certainly the highlight of the album for me. "Kraken" is another killer instrumental.

Don't pass this one up. This is a superb album. It'll be  asleeper hit, just you watch.

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