Daily Bandcamp Album; The Legendary Goodtimes by The Legendary Goodtimes

"We believe in powerful, groovy, balls out rock and roll, the way it used to be done. Rock aint dead, but it damn sure needs a revival. Do you believe?

Three musicians set out to create something of a retro rock hybrid. Forming melodic and catchy song structures with dynamic and unique percussion, they aim to re-introduce the 60's and 70's music they grew up on with a modern twist."

First things first, I need to give a shout out to Heavy Planet for posting about this band on their Facebook page the other day. I'm not sure I would have come across these guys if they didn't post about it. The Legendary Goodtimes are just that, good music for good times. The band hails from southern Oregon. If you were to stereotype, youd swear they were from the Southern part of the country and not the Pacific Northwest. The band plays a southern rock, blues rock, classic rock kind of hybrid music that is so good on the ears. Catchy tunes that are easy on the ears like drinking a smooth beer after a hard day of work. This is anywhere music. you can listen to it in the car, while chilling at home, any time is a good time for The Legendary Goodtimes. One stream on BAndcamp and I was hooked. I made my purchase immediately. As of this writing, I've had the album for about 24 hours and have listened to it 6 times already. Yeah, it's that damn good.