Sunday, September 8, 2013

Daily Bandcamp Album; Black Majik Acid by Black Majik Acid

"Black Majik Acid was formed in late 2011. Most comparable to influences such as Electric Wizard, Black Sabbath, Pentagram, Witch, Medusa, and others"

Listening to this makes me very happy to know that there are musicians out there that take the time to make some good whole hearted organic rock. This is the real deal here.Very lo-fi in sound, Black Majik Acid mix some of the best stoner rock, doom, heavy psych and proto metal. Fans of Witch will eat this one up.

1 comment:

BlackMajikAcid said...

Eternally grateful!! may the love come back to you 10 fold!!! hopefully The new Black Majik Acid material can live up to the support received for this demo. It is inspiring!! Thanks for the enthusiasm boost!! ~BMA

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