The Heaviest Album I've Heard - Floor - Self Titled (2002) No Idea Records

A bunch of years back in some metal magazine (most likely Metal Maniacs), I read about this band called Torche. I remember it being somewhere around the time that In Return had been out and Meanderthal was coming soon so let's say 2007 for you people that like trivia about me. I remember something in the review about references to woolly mammoths and using the words crushing and heavy. One of my favorite parts of MM was they always had bits about sludge, stoner and doom bands where no one else did. Needlesstosay, I went out and bought In Return from Torche and fuckin' LOVED it.

Now, being the diligent little fanboy/man I was, I did some scooping (i.e. trolled myspace pages) and learned of two prior bands that formed Torche, one being a gem called Dove and the other was Floor.

The unassuming nature of the cover had me fooled a bit, as well as being on No Idea Records since I knew them as primarily a punk label. I was assuming(bad idea) that Floor had more of a punk sound so I became majorly impressed when I finally got the CD from my local record store and popped it into the CD player on Track #2. Fun Fact: I always start an album on track 2.

I'll pause now to let you hit the link and listen to the album...

Insert convenient to listen to bandcamp player here:

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(gives you three replays of the album and comes back)

You liked that huh?

That Track 10 really gets you, don't it? You know what they call that? The Mothafuggin' Bomb Chord baby!

Sure, bands can play faster and louder and have more guttural vocals and be called heavy, but the beauty of Floor was it was a different kind of heavy and that makes this the heaviest album I have ever heard in my humble opinion. Reviews are always good to give you an idea to try a band or yet nothing beats hitting the play button. This is why I'm not great at writing reviews because you should have developed your opinion from listening to the band.

Now I will go out on a limb here and equate the sound of Floor as being facesat by a large woman(google it). Yeah, it's a really fun time but then you start feeling the weight of the situation and then you realize that is the exact kind of heaviness you want to be smothered by! Just make sure you call her the next day, and again after that!



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