Monday, August 19, 2013

Sinister Realm - World Of Evil

    Another solid entry into the metal fight. Good queensryche meets savatage style here. Solid and I mean ,solid vocal delivery. This metal world has a place for sinister Realm. They speak of metals finest as of yet unheralded greatest hour. This is pure steel melting metal.

"Dark Angels Of Fate" is a great lead off track. This is a sonic recipe for creating the perfect metal meal. An intro to the world of Sinister Realm. Here in this track I am allowing the queensryche inspired sound to titillate my ears. This is one good song.

  The songs on the disc are responsive enough to those who demand a screaming guitar lead and pay homage to master vocalists like ozzy, Tate, Owens, and Danzig. I really like the sound they have achieved.
"The Ghosts Of Nevermore" is a classic standout track. This one has an incredible doom like influence. Hands down the best track on the album.

The band delivers a monolith of structured heavy metal architecture. The album is like some looming spire of sonic beauty. This is how all power metal bands should write. Epic in scope and full of tooth and nail head banging.  The songs are catchy and powerful and lay a groundwork for future metal endeavors. The entire band seems to be locked in together and forging ahead across the sonic landscape. Sinister Realm is pure, power metal. Get this album now.



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