Thursday, August 15, 2013

POWERWOLF - Preachers of the Night

 O.k. Germany has produced some of the most powerful and revered metal acts. Bands like Accept and scorpions among others.  Powerwolf is a band that is reaching those lofty heights. These guys are a metal machine. Searing vocals, sing able chorus, lead guitar work that is just insanity. Drums and bass attack that leaves you breathless. This is a power metal band of extreme proportions. Preachers of the night should secure them as a force of power to be reckoned with. The vocals are mind-blowing.  I'm driving now, listening...driving faster. This is the soundtrack by which all upcoming bands should be judged. So much power and passion captured here.

The production is tight and crisp. A sound of churning metal grinding its gears over the land. Unstoppable, unrelenting, all powerful. The carnage they must unleash from the live set is most likely out of this world.
inspired guitar playing acrobatics encapsulated within a strong song. Each tune comes across as a finely tuned song crafting of unequalled proportions. This is the future of metal. Into these hands we commit our hopes and our dreams for a better metal age. Raise you flag, plant it in the ground and howl with the wolf!
Stand out tracks include: "Sacred and Wild", and " Lust For Blood". Just perfection on a sonic 10 scale. drums are insane on "Lust For Blood". You will find yourself singing along.

"Last Of The Living Dead" is also a great song. Incredible lead and chorus on this one. Segues into an extended ending. Adds to the mystery and the power of this act. You can always tell when a band has a honesty and a belief in itself. Powerwolf has this and so much more. Any fan of power metal should pick up this disc. You will not be disappointed. The music contained within churns and rages like some searing hurricane. It swirls about you and lifts you high into the air. A tornado of power metal. You will ascend to the heights of metal ecstasy in complete and utter abandon as the teeth of the wolf devour you.

 All hail Powerwolf!!!!

10/10horns up!


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