Thursday, August 8, 2013

Daily Bandcamp Album; Strangeface EP by Shoot the Noose

"Shoot the Noose evolved slowly over the year 2011 as we got together every now and then to make noise and drink beers!. It was decided that our hagged material needed to be recorded and with that our first EP 'Rogue' was born.
After a continuum of rotten jams and the odd performance here and there 'Shoot the Noose' tripped over their own mess to bring you another EP 'Strangeface' in 2013. Enjoy!."

Strangeface is nice in that it's unique. Shoot The Noise are not trying to be the next Kyuss or Clutch which means that their sound is unique and not some copycat production. I like their sound, I like the way that the album comes together. It's got a nice flow to it. It's not an aggressive album so it doesn't sound angry. It's pretty mellow and makes for some nice chill out music. Pick your poison and hit play.

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