Saturday, August 3, 2013

An Apology to Joe Hasselvander, Pentagram, Raven, and the Waveriders

Earlier this week, as part of the "Heaviest" album theme of reviews, one of the Ripple contributors wrote a piece that contained unsubstantiated insinuations, personal comments, and derogatory statements.  This type of writing goes against the very fabric of the Ripple Effect and is contrary to our intent in founding this site - to spread the word on good music.  Music we love.

Once Joe Hasselvander brought to our attention the content of this post, it was immediately taken down.  Ripple will not participate in any writing that is not of the strictest professionalism and utmost respect for the music.

The gentleman that Joe is, he understood how one bad post slipped through our fingers.  But the entire incident has left a sour taste in our mouths.  We owe you, the waverider, more than that.  In the effort to get theme week up and running, not every post was editorially reviewed.  We trust our writers to turn in quality, supportive, and positive work.

We apologize to any who were offended or distressed by this editorial error.  We can assure you that the intent of Ripple, as always, is to provide you the best writing that we can of the music we love, support the heavy rock scene, and spread the word on good quality music.  We owe that to you, our waveriders, the musicians, and the music.

Joe, we apologize that this one slipped through our fingers.  Best to you, brother.  Rock on!

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Senbossya said...

fuck, I missed that post :(

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