Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Two from Odin - Deleter and Hellbastard

Deleter – Demo EP 2013
Hellbastard – Sons Of Bitches

I've never tried this before, but I got a couple of shorter duration releases in at the same time and I thought, what the hell, let's just knock 'em both out in the same review.  So without further ado, here is my first double header review.

Let's start with Deleter.  And let me start with noting that the email that contained this release was probably the most honest email I've seen from a band submitting their music.  This is actually a one man band, and the email stated that since it wasn't coming from a promo firm or anything that it was probably going to the bottom of the heap, but he wanted to submit it anyway.  And dude, let me say, I'm glad you did.

The “Demo EP 2013” is just 4 songs, 4 really quick blasts of crusty, punky, thrashy goodness.  And I love the song title “Nervous Habits Of The Unsung”.  This is a really solid start and if this band was in my area I'd seek them out and see them live.  I like what is going on here and would love to see it developed into a full blown release.  As they say, keep your chin up, buttercup, this is better than you think.  Keep working on your sound and keep submitting your music for review.  It made me take notice and that is what you want, right?  Go find this release my friends, it is worth your while.  Here's the link, to make it real easy for you: http://deleter-bk.bandcamp.com.

Which brings us to our next quick hitter, a 5 song EP from Hellbastard, titled “Sons Of Bitches”.  Another release along the lines of crusty, thrashy stuff, these UK legends let it rip on these tracks for those who are “currently outraged by the imminently pathetic state of humanity”.  Although somehow, inexplicably, these tracks are all tagged as grindcore when you run them through your favorite media player.

This is another set of songs that are obviously pissed off and unhappy with the current state of affairs.  The most pissed off track seems to be “We Had Evidence”, which seems to be denouncing the wars with Iraq and Afghanistan and blasting the powers that be for the umpteenth time over the supposed evidence that led to war.  A little behind the times in that sentiment but powerful stuff nonetheless.  And there is a bouncy reggae-ish closer to the EP titled “Throw The Petrol Bomb” that mixes things up nicely.  Another release worth tracking down and probably easier than the Deleter release, so I won't include a link for this one.

This is well produced and well performed and if thrashy crust is your thing you would do well to check this out.  It really isn't my thing but I liked it enough to review it, so that should tell you something.  Check out both of these releases, you'll be as happy as an anarchist at a May Day riot if you do.

 -  ODIN

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