Monday, June 3, 2013

NEW KEEPERS OF THE WATER TOWERS: The Cosmic Child Out Now on Listenable Records

Swedish psychedelic / progressive doomsters NEW KEEPERS OF THE WATER TOWERS have released their third and highly-anticipated full-length album, The Cosmic Child, in North America via Listenable Records.  

The band had this to say regarding the recording, "It is our most ambitious work yet. 47 minutes filled with dark but majestic melodies, psychedelic passages and a doomy groove. Some have gone to the lengths of calling it "Dark side of the Doom" (With reference to Pink Floyds legendary album with a similar title) and I guess our influences from early 70s progressive music has started to shine through the carpet of distortion."

Metal Hammer UK is streaming the album in full at this location. 

The Cosmic Child is available directly through Listenable Records at and in online distros and metal-friendly record stores throughout North America. Look for it on Spotify and Rhapsody as well. 

The Great Leveller
Visions of Death
Pyre for the Red Sage
The Cosmic Child
"The Cosmic Child, finds New Keepers of the Water Towers a much more mature, more patient band, embarking on progressive psychedelic sprawl and incorporating acoustics alongside periods of the more expected weighted distortion."  -

"This album is nothing short of wonderful." - Rock N' Reel Reviews

Digital promos are on hand. Get in touch with to discuss coverage opportunities.  

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