Sunday, June 23, 2013

Black Mountain Thunder - S/T

 Classic rock to the bones From Paul and Trent Hill of Against It All and Curse Of Disobedience. Their punk and hardcore beginnings are mostly stripped away on their debut album though. With overtones of The Eagles and hints of Place Of Skulls, this Charleston Mississippi band kicks out classic southern fried doom tracks that mixes it up  with Workingman’s Dead style bridges that succeed on taking the edge off of a real burner of a debut.

I Regret starts at a cool, slow pace that reminds me of early doom. It takes a few twists and turns and is a great jam. The next thing you know we’re in mellow town again on Before The Innocence Was Gone but this time by the water. Chimes and simulated bird calls on the guitar. It’s a quiet storm punctuated by hot licks that might make Steve Vai proud. This is the kind of false sense of security BMT use to amplify the heavy tracks like Punishment Overdue.

I’ve been hearing a lot of Slayer and Pantera’s style in doom lately and while it’s not necessarily my preference, I get it. I guess I’m a purist. This track could sway me though. At times it’s hardcore in that Little Rock way, doom seeped in metalcore. 

The links are good examples of the heavy and the chilled out songs these guys offer.  Download this and throw it on your mp3 player, party all night long with your pals and get your classic doom of today on but, do yourself a favor and don’t listen to it on headphones because the popping p’s on the recording are pretty distracting. Petty preferences on my part. This rocks in all the right ways and I’m pretty hooked on it.


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