Tuesday, June 4, 2013

A Conversation with Doogie White

First let me say congrats on the album. Hands down one of the best hard rock/metal albums I have heard in a long time. Powerful and carefully crafted, the songs are strong and catchy.

Thanksvery much. I amvery happy and veryproud of the album.

1.    Do you have a favorite track on the album?

Its still very fresh for me and I am enjoying the songs coming up randomly. It is very difficult to have a favourite as they are all very strong some different and some the same. It  is just exciting.

2.    Approaching the writing process for the album was there anything in particular that you do? Any place or thing that helps to inspire your songwriting?

I always have little scraps of papers and small notebooks with titles and phrases and lyrics. WhenChic, who wrote the music sent me his idea I would flick through the scraps and find something lyrically to kick start the process. Its always been like that . I dont have stories the music dictates the way any tale will develop.

3.    "Don't Drink With The Devil" is a killer track. Can you take us through your production process when approaching a song like that. Is it difficult keeping the vocals so powerful next to the guitar sounds?

I recorded  the demo vocals at home and refined what I was going to do. Then its just a matter of me being prepared when I get into the studio to record. Its up to the guy who mixes the album to get a good balance between the various instruments.

4.Growing up close to places like Liverpool, Birmingham, Edinburgh, did you "discover" the emerging proto-metal bands like Sabbath, Purple, priest, u.f.o.? Or did you and your friends already know about these bands?

I was and remain a huge Bowie fan but hearing Purple, Sabbath and AC/DC changed my life. There is just somethin gabout thunderous drums , pounding bass and loud guitars that make the hairs rise. I dont listen to much music these days as I have been so busy with my own.

What are your fondest memories, being a purple fan, of working with both Jon Lord, and Ritchie Blackmore?

I loved working and learned a great deal from working with Jon and Ritchie. There are many fond memories. They are Times that will live with me for manyyears. Sadly my time with Jon was limited but we did have a laugh and he was a rather splendid fellow to me and everyone else who worked with him. With Ritchie I thought we  had another album in us..he did not.

4.    Any musician that you would like to collaborate with in the future?

Whatever way the wind blows. I am currently on tour with Michael Schenker and 2 former Scorpions + my old friend Wayne Findlay. We are 8 weeks into 12 weeks of touring and itis the most fun I have had for a while. Just magic.

5.    Which guitarist was the easiest to write with?

Its not the difficult with anyone. One  just has to understand and then commit. I do what I do and some people like  it. Songs can be more tricky for severa lreasons and it can depend on how one is feeling or what the mood is.  But we never dont finish a song.

6.    What are the touring plans for this album and will you travel to the states?

At the moment as I mentioned I am busy. But we are looking a tour options.

7.    All your recorded history, all the tours, all the late night jams, all the photo and video shoots....one word to sum it all up........


8.    Any regrets?

I cant regret anything. I am who I am and where I am as a Singer and a person. Maybe  one. I wish I had never smoked..Stupid thing to do.

9.    What are your future recording plans?

Just finished the new Michael Schenker „Temple of Rock „ BRIDGING THE GAP due for release in November. I have a few sessions later in the year.. And Chic McSherry has started writing another album.All is good. Thanks for the interest.


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