Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Visions of Atlantis - Ethera

     Visions of atlantis is another perfectly tuned symphonic machine. Catchy hooks, incredible vocals, fluid keyboard runs and dynamic song structure. The production is crisp and rock hard. The interplay between the vocalists is a stellar other worldy performance. This band seems to transcend the mere human aspect of the recording process. They reach out to the universe and pull in to their sound some distant  universal  sound.

     There is something for fans of both symphonic metal and straight ahead metal. Perfectly timed vocals lend themselves to precision riffs and drums. this is musicianship on some holy ethereal level. Just a perfect blend. Vocals are a contrast between the male and female, the light and the dark. this is true passion driven metal.

    Orchestral movements of distant clouds as the metal rain pours down on unsuspecting warriors. We have crossed the stars in a vain effort to hear this music. This stuff sends my metal fantasies into overdrive. The album pulses like a quasar calling you to drink all of it in and celebrate the immensity of the explosive and mind burning symphony.

    Capturing moods and emotions is the most difficult thing a metal band can hope to achieve. Visions of Atlantis does this with ease. They have created a tremendously powerful album. Every song is a musical metal lesson. I like the way they just hammer down the sound. Good band. Powerful approach.

   My favorite track is "Burden Of Divinity". Hands down one of the best. This one has it all. Perfect song. Perfect vocals. If metal and beauty combined to form a new life form this is it. I have to play this track again.  Keyboard intro....perfect. "Avatara", and "Vicious circle" are also really good, solid examples of symphonic perfection.  Ok all the tracks here are on a new level. This album is a must have.

10 horns up


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