Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Omega Reign - Arise

•    Will the Light Come
•    Bitter
•    Doomsday
•    Prison In Your Eyes
•    Nocturnal
•    The Way You Lived
•    This Poem is Goodbye
•    Invisible World / The Eidolon
•    Killer

      The new England sound once again rears its head. You can always tell a New England band. They have an intensity and an old world colonial sensibility. The sound of a dozen rag tag farmers taking on the whole British Army.  Production is crisp and in your face. This is true American power metal. The perfect blend of the old and the new. Vocals have that signature New England growl and scream. Blends well with the lockstep rhythm. I'm feeling like this is going to be a great album.

"Will The Light Come: Good solid opening track. Slow build. Very powerful on the vocals here. Strong. The influence of Fates Warning and Savatage is evident here. Guitar lines are solid and fluid. Melodic thrash metal on some runs.

"Bitter": Metallica influence here. Homage to "welcome home sanitarium". Vocals are haunting and over the top. Maiden songwriting formula. Excellent

"Doomsday", "Prison In Your Eyes"and,"Nocturnal are runners up for my favorite tracks. solid musicianship. Lyrics are intense here. Once again this is a New England Metal band. Crisper than a fall breeze.

"The Way You Lived" Hands down my favorite track. Excellent melodic American metal. Catchy chorus. Even the breakdown...superior to so many bands out there. This is true metal. Very Metallica. The arrangement and the production on this song really reflects a powerhouse band that is definitely going places.

"This Poem Is Goodbye"...Interesting blend of thrash beginning and then this mellow queensryche verse. Dokken-esque chorus. I like this one. Loud. Must be killer live, The neighbors won't like this one...Nice scream.

       This album is one tight and loud ball of metal. It screams at you not to ignore it. And honestly it really stands out as a prism of crystallized metal light shining into the cold New England skyline. Omega Reign has risen. All hail a new chapter in American metal!


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