Wednesday, May 8, 2013

HUMILIATION Announces New Album Details and Song Premier

Malaysian war-themed death metal soldiers, Humiliation have announced Turbulence From the Deep as the title of their fourth studio album, first for Deepsend Records, to be unleashed May 28th.

With that said, Humiliation have unveiled 'Phosphorous Shell' as the first taste of metal from this tank of Malaysian death at this location.   

Pre-orders for Turbulence From the Deep are also available at the above link. 

It should be no surprise the band worship at the tank known as Bolt Thrower. Musically, Humiliation focus on mid-tempo headbangers with heavy anthems of war, lack of humanity and minimal guitar solos. Turbulence From the Deep sees the band shift to a more doom/death Asphyx approach to songwriting. Eleven mid-paced, tank-heavy headbangers to assault your ears too. The Malaysian hellbrigade have unleashed a powerful necksnapper of an album that will surely become a staple in death's unholy collection.  


No Return
Operation Obeo One
Phosphorous Shell
Calibrated Chaos
Bachok's Invasion
Sea Denial
Home Front
Total War
Order of Battle
The Deadly Double
Submerged At the Seabed

Deepsend Records is pleased to announce their newly launched page. Fans can now stream, download and order albums from Deepsend's brutality laden catalog. Albums from CORPUS MORTALE, ETERNAL REST, EMBRYONIC DEVOURMENT and DAWN OF DEMISE are currently available. Previews of upcoming releases from HYBRID and HUMILIATION have been posted as well. 

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