Friday, May 3, 2013

Hello Lazarus - Moving Forward Over the Next Financial Quarter EP

A while back Old School spouted profoundly about this EP.  Now The Professor has taken chalk to the chalkboard and added his words . . .

After my wedding, back surgery, and my band’s studio time, I’ve needed a pick-me-up in terms of music reviews.  I’ve been tired.  However, Hello Lazarus has arrived with highly energetic and highly infectious music that truly makes one want to jump up and move. 

Part one of a trio of planned EP’s, Moving Forward Over the Next Financial Quarter is a powerhouse of an album.  The handful of songs that appear on this disc make you wish that it was longer.  It just isn’t enough. 

The punk/emo/pop route has been done before.  In fact, it drives me crazy.  Radio-emo has absolutely destroyed the heavy rock genre.  The bands that have true heart (Thrice, Lower than Atlantis, This Town Needs Guns) fall to the wayside, as similarly styled, yet paper-thin in talent and content bands (Story of the Year, A Day to Remember) garner fame throughout the masses.  Luckily, Hello Lazarus falls in the former category.  They infuse so much energy and honesty into the music that you can’t help but feel that they’re trying to say something.

The vocals are top notch.  The easiest comparison for me to make is Lower than Atlantis.  It’s beautifully done.  It’s full of emotion and range.  I could have used a bit less reverb on the vocals, but it goes beautifully with the intense and gorgeous guitar work. 

The drummer maintains a solid drive throughout the course of the album.  It gets your feet tapping and your mind racing. 

I absolutely love this album.  My biggest complaint is the length.  I question the idea of a trilogy of EP’s as opposed to one solid album…. But I’m sure they have their reasons. 

I can’t wait to hear their follow-ups.     

Even though The Professor has to take points off for length, it’s still a powerhouse grade.  Solid A.

--The Professor

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