Monday, April 8, 2013

Kaotoxin Records Now Shipping YEARS OF TYRANTS Debut

Leading the Blind, the debut EP from French s brutal, technical Deathcore band YEARS OF TYRANTS, is now available for purchase directly from Kaotoxin Records. 

Visit to purchase Leading the Blind on digital or CD formats. The EP will available in North America and the United Kingdom next month.
Produced at the Iguana studio (Necrophagist) with Rise Of The Northstar and ex-Resistance members, Leading the Blind is a 23 minute long (nine tracks) showcase of, not only a high level of musicianship and technical abilities, but also songwriting skills, mixing blasting parts and the genre-specific breakdowns with dark melodies and atmospheres with even some saddened atmospheric moments.

Release dates: 
- April 2nd - Preorders and France (Season Of Mist) 
- May 6th - UK & Eire (Code7) 
- May 7th - USA, Canada & digital (MVD)

"Leading the Blind is an uncompromisingly heavy album, hurling out technical material with the force of a speeding truck." -

Rare are the ultra technical albums able to be something else than a simple display of a very high-level of musicianship and a ton of complex riffs thrown one after the other. Rare are also the debut releases able to already show a real personality and a great sense of song-writing. Years Of Tyrants' Leading the Blind avoids the first and has the second: a very technical, at times ultra brutal, kind of Deathcore that has a soul, that's able to carry emotions, be them violence, frustration or, much more rare in this style, melancholy and sadness.


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