Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Stratovarius - Nemesis

     Stratovarius is one of the best European metal bands out there. Hands down. The genre seems to be over loaded with these types of bands although the Europeans never seem to tire of them. Here in the states, symphonic metal and classical speed metal fall on seemingly deaf ears. Absolutely zero radio airplay(who really listens to the radio anymore anyways).

  " Nemesis" captures the traditional Stratovarius mood and structure and kicks you in the face. This is the standard upon which all other bands in this genre need to play up to. My first listen had my windows down and the volume way up, even in 10 degree weather! This is metal. Look no further.
I wish I could have seen what the writing process was during this album. It did take longer than the usual albums. The result is an over the top killer production and sound. The artwork for the cover is simply awesome as well. I always thought the song "Black Diamond" would be my all time favorite Stratovarius song, but this album contains songs equally as powerful.

     Timo Kotipelto is one incredibly strong and powerful vocalist. This guy is amazing. Obviously there are the traditional signature stratovarius runs but check out his work in the song "Out Of the Fog". The rich tapestry that the interplay between guitar and keyboards weaves is like a sonic tsnumai. This band has reached its prime and should be a force to be reckoned with.

     "Stand my ground", And " Abandon" are two highlight songs. Power hitters that help propel this product like a heat seeking missile. You're the target and your ears are the strike zone. Very well crafted and thought out construction of a powerful modern metal epic.

     This is metal at its finest during its finest hours. The past ten years have seen such  resurgence in the genre. Stratovarius stands tall among them all as the leader of European classical melodic power metal.

10 horns up on a 10 horn scale

--Metal Rising

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Anonymous said...

There is no way a Stratovarius album can get an 10. Not in 2013.

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