Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Ruby the Hatchet - Ouroboros

The first thing that struck me when visiting Ruby the Hatchet's bandcamp site for their new album Ouroboros was the art work. A beautiful stained-glass photo collage that made me want to like them right away. In fact, I actually had anxiety about listening because I did not want to be disappointed, as so often is the case.

I was greeted by the warm fuzz. Like taking a bath in a tub heated by vacuum tubes. Not the kind with candles and shit. The kind where your psycho crazy-hot naked girlfriend decides to throw a plugged-in toaster "just to see what would happen." Well, you boogie, that¹s what happens. You boogie like a motherfucker.

Like Black Mountain's younger, dirtier, (and more fun) cousin, Ruby the Hatchet has it goin' on. Jillian Taylor delivers the goods on vocals, luring you in with the soul then crushing you with the dynamic outpouring that ensues. My head was bobbing, air drumming happened, and I hadn't even put it on the BIG system yet.

If you like Black Mountain, Zen Guerrilla, or the Bellrays, you owe it to yourself to check out Ruby the Hatchet's "Ouroboros". And if you've never heard of those bands, check out ALL of those bands and get back to me after your cult-rawk boogie bath.

--Mysterious Mammal

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