Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Fusebox Poet

It’s rare to find a band that combines heady lyrics with great production and songwriting that can connect with not only the “indie” or “underground” crowd but also the general population.  Fusebox Poet is that type of band.  They’ve got something for everyone, and know how to make people stop and listen. 

It starts with front man Drew Cyphers.  I listen to many bands and have opportunities to hear all kinds of singers.  Some are good.  Some are great.  Some absolutely suck.  Cyphers falls into another category all together… incredible.  This is a guy that can carry a song to epic heights and then create atmosphere.    His voice is gorgeous and clean.  There is very little grit to it, but he always knows how to get his emotions out without resorting to vocal tricks.  The harmonies and melodies that he creates enhance every single track on the album.  Cyphers also plays the organ/keys with the group.  It truly enhances the sound of the band. 

The musicianship is solid.  This isn’t a shred band or even a technical rock group.  Paul Wright and Dave McGarry are intelligent musicians who know there audience.  They write catchy music with a fairly unique style.  This is great rock in the vein of Taproot or Emery.   It’s high energy stuff with some dark undertones that might go unnoticed, because of the sly way the musicians write.  They know exactly what they’re doing.  They want the music to be accessible to everyone without it coming off as some sort of pop-rock “sell-out” garbage.  It certainly doesn’t do that.  This is real music by real people, and it shows. 

Pat Gerasia brings this band home on drums.  He’s amazing.  His clean fills and impressive musicianship are completely professional.  Again, when you’ve listened to thousands of bands, you can tell when you’ve got a drummer or a percussionist.  Gerasia is a percussionist.  He’s not out there to beat your brains in.  He wants to compliment the music and continue the creative drive that his front line has created.  In terms of pure talent, Gerasia is up there with the best of them. 

While Cyphers croons and weaves an impressive lyrical masterpiece, his intelligent band mates back him up in a way that creates a comfortable yet unique album that will sit well with most music lovers.  The reality of Fusebox Poet is that they are a truly amazing group that should be heard.  The highlights are definitely Cyphers incredible voice and Gerasia’s musicality, but as a group this band shouldn’t be missed. 

Fusebox Poet makes the Dean’s list, courtesy of The Professor. 

--The Professor

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