Saturday, February 23, 2013

The Amends - What We Could Be

Can a band successfully mix indie rock with old time rock 'n roll
And sound new and exciting?
The Amends have done it and they've done it rather well,
I find their sophomore album inviting.

Four guys with Colorado address,
Guitarists and vocalists Drew Weikart and Tyler Taylor,
Drummer Shay Byington and bassist Chris Childress,
Have a classic rock 'n roll vibe and an apparent love for their labor.

The album is called What We Can Be,
It sounds vintage and modern and has it all going on,
The album, found here, can be streamed for free, 
I get a vibe of Dick Dale and Dylan meet The White Stripes and Stevie Ray Vaughan.

You can download the album and make it your own
For only Five greenbacks,
Or you can buy a physical CD ( for twice the bones
Which I think is a great deal for these 12 tracks.

- Old School

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