Sunday, February 10, 2013

Single Review: Thesis - Who Knew?

Ah hip hop.  Sweet, sweet hip hop.  Racer sent me the link to this video, and I am very glad that he did.  This song is fantastic, plain and simple.  Prior to hearing this track I was aware of neither the man on the mic Thesis nor the maestro behind the production Introts, but I certainly am now.  Three quarters of a minute into ‘Who Knew?’ all I could think was YES!  Thesis has a laid back voice and a silky smooth flow.  His vocal demeanor really helps to set off the words he chooses to accentuate, creating focal points that draw the listener further into the music.  Also, his lyrics reflect a realistic worldview not mired in fake materialism or misogyny.  Great! 

Introts production work also stands out.  He deftly builds up the music during the song’s introduction, gradually adding layers of instrumentation until Thesis makes his presence known.  As for the music itself?  Like the lyricist’s flow it’s super smooth.  Take a gander at the video and see whether or not you agree with me waveriders.


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