Heavy Planet - Bong Hits From The Astral Basement

Goddamned! The good people at Heavy Planet, founder Reg and his extremely talented crew of doom, has compiled a massive collection of everything Stoner Rock, Doom, Psychedelic and Sludge. A grand total of 61 songs are featured and no I will not go through each and everyone of them. Instead I will present to you the ones I really like and leave the rest of the work for you waveriders. You probably like stuff I don't and this album is a huge treasure chest for anyone into the aforementioned styles. Download Bong Hits From The Astral Basement, great title by the way, and explore the enormous amount of talent out there and read the fantastic e-book companion containing a feature on each band. Great work indeed Heavy Planet!

What rattles my bones on Bong Hits From The Astral Basement are, in no particular order:

1000mods, Astralnaut, Baron Greenback, Buzzer/The Great Khan, C.F.A., Destroyer Of Light, Diesel King, Electric Taurus, Firelord, Hu, Ichabod, Interstelar, It's Not Night It's Space, Killimanjaro, Monobrow, Pet The Preacher, Powdered Wig Machine, Radio Garage, Red Desert, Slow Mover, Stonebride, Stonerfront Nijmegen, The Blue Screen Of Death, Wasted Theory and Widows.

This is only 25 of the 61 featured acts on this release so there's plenty more for you to check out. Take your time though because the tracks range between 2:19 to 15:24 in actual playtime. So arrange for some alone-time, load up your bong, head down to the basement, turn on your lava lamps and light up incense of your choice and just absorb this fantastic collection.

Enjoy waveriders...and fly on courtsey of Air Heavy Planet!



Horn said…
Oh, shit...! Very nice, very nice.
Radio Garage said…
Hey! Glad you liked our only "stonerish" song! cheers!
Radio Garage said…
Hey! glad you liked our song! it's our only stoner kind we have, but it's a start!