Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Gone by Daylight - Big Riff

This is one of my toughest reviews to date.  When I first listened to this band, Gone by Daylight, I was immediately in love with the vocals and classic rock sound mixed with some common pop accessibility.  I’m not usually into “track by track” reviews, but this album seems to warrant it.

The whole album was a good listen. It was an intoxicating mix of catchy hooks and fun lyrics.  This EP begins with an absolutely great song.  The title track “Big Riff”.  It’s an excellent choice and has tons of energy and a big (yet not complicated) riff that I could see people really jamming too.  It has an excellent chorus and bridge that just sticks in my mind. 

The EP gets noticeably less fun after that.  “By Your Side” is a good song.  It doesn’t have that “big” appeal.  It’s pretty straight forward. 

It picks back up with a great tune in “Here’s Goodbye”.  This track shows off some awesome singing and very melodic guitar playing.  The vocal chords in the chorus give way to a stutter guitar solo that mimics the vocal line.  It’s a great, funky tune that keeps me singing along. 

“Like a Rock” is another catchy song with some beautiful vocals.  However, it is a very standard pop-rock track. 

The EP ends on a really good tune.  “The Way It Feels” has shades of 90’s rock, 80’s classic and current music charm.  It’s a great tune. 

Honestly, this isn’t the type of music I’d review.  However, I continued to find myself coming back to listen to it more.  I listened to them over and over and found myself drawn to them.   I wish they’d embrace a bit more edge to their music and come out with a full length release with sharper teeth.  However, that being said, this is another album that will stay on my mind for a long time, and I’m glad I got the chance to listen to them. 

The Professor is happy to place them on the A-B Honor Roll.

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