Flood Switch - EP

In this crazy, dynamic, and altogether insane world called music that I (and I assume you) choose to live in, there is one thing that has the ability to trump the proverbial kitchen sink of complicated song writing that many bands throw at us in an attempt to gain our attention: the almighty groove.  So you say that you can play eighty notes in five seconds? Well that’s pretty awesome indeed, but can you write a tune? No matter how far into left field artists choose to take their sound (and I am all for experimentation), nothing will get your attention quicker than a jamming groove that energizes your feet and induces a borderline seizure in the ole skull, and that my friends is what I experienced upon first hearing Flood Switch’s I’m Not a Train, lead single off their new EP. A simple verse/chorus styled song driven by some bluesy guitar work and a rock solid rhythm section, sounding similar to those contemporary rockers of the 90’s that understood when less was actually more.

The work of singer/songwriter Matt Erickson (originally associated with the band Toy Gun Cowboy), this EP delivers a cool vibe reminiscent of the California sunshine from which it hails, inviting the listener to drop the top on his convertible (or if you’re in my boat, take a chainsaw to the upper half of your Equinox, whatever it takes to get you in that zone) and simply enjoy the ride. You Are Dreaming is a sly romp through that familiar ex-girlfriend territory we can all relate to, The Next Heart You Break Will Be Your Own delivers intriguing vocal harmonies, and lastly Leaving Machine bears a Rolling Stones’esque vibe with the inclusion of a harmonica (I think), and stakes its claim as my personal favorite of the four.

Bottom line, this is one hell of an EP that leaves me begging for more because my morning commute to work is about four times the length of what is available, and once that final note plays out of the speakers I am disappointed that I have to find something else to fill that gap. Tip of that hat to Matt, because you sir are rocking the right way.

--Audio Renaissance