Monday, January 7, 2013

Revenge of the Quick Ripple Bursts - Featuring Popular Giants, Howlin Widow, White Dynamite, and Triggerman

More Ripple bursts

Popular Giants - S/T

Their CDBaby page says it all.  Popular Giants is garage rock/pop-punk band that brings on high-energy punk ditties with big catchy hooks and harmonies over fat guitar riffs.  Think bands like the late lamented Hellacopters.  These cats pick up that garage/punk mantle of “dirty rock n’ roll” and fly with it.  Each song cooks with enough grime and grit and trashy punk energy to make this a killer listen.

Howlin Widow - Exorcised Accidental b/w Son Shine

Raging out of the early 70's protometal stew of Sir Lord Baltimore, Toad, and Sabbath, Ireland's Howlin Widow are the newest band (to my ears) to plow that crazy retro, beefy metal vibe.  Tones of modern doom drape over this kicking 7" of retro-metal like a funeral drape, clothing the massive riffs with the atmosphere of something dangerous.  Freak Flag Records has released this killer 7"in very limited numbers, so race over and see if they have any left.  If huge retro, fuzzed out, powerful metal riffs with wailing vocals are your thing (like they are mine) you may have just received your latest manna from heaven. 

White Dynamite - S/T

A little kitchy, fuzzy garage rock/pop from two of the mainstays of one of my favorite bands, Roadsaw.  And in typical, side project status, the guys mix it up a bit.  Tim Catz still plays bass, but Riggs fills in on drums, leaving the vocals to Dave Unger and the guitar work to John Darca.  Stepping away from the retro-70's, big stoner rock of Roadsaw, White Dynamite play it purely for fun!  This is big, riffy garage rock with a sloppy smooch towards 70's Glam Rock a la Turbonegro Tongue planted firmly in cheek and a middle finger flipping off anyone who stands in the way.  It's fast, it's turbocharged, it's dirty, greasy, glammy and full of highway debris.  In other words its perfect. 

Triggerman - Hail to the River Gods

Not quite sure why the heavy rock blogs aren't all a twitter over this meaty dose of cacophony by UK's Triggerman.  My guess is because the sideways, irreverent approach that these lads spew all over their panzer assault of thick riffs leaves some writers scratching their heads.  I mean, really;   how do you classify these guys?  They rock and rage with the best of the stoner rock elite, pounding out ferocious mountains of riffery and pulverizing rhythms, all the while talk-singing their bizarre missives about River Gods, Wild Woodsmen, and Strange Brew.  Like stoner rock straight from the world of Tolkien.  But not in a take-themselves-seriously vein.  Many bands actually write songs about druids and trolls like they mean it.  To me, Triggerman are simply having a blast.  Unleashing the hoardes of waring riffs while poking fun at the seriousness of a lot of metal.  Great rock and good fun.  Check it. 


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