Monday, November 12, 2012

Trioscapes - Separate Realities

Do you love metal?  Do you love incredible drumming?  Unbeatable basswork?  Insane saxophone?
Yes, I just said “insane saxophone”.

Then you will absolutely devour Trioscapes debut album “Separate Realities”,  one of the most incredible listening experiences I have ever had.  This is a metal band led by sax.  It’s absolutely brilliant.  While there are six distinct songs, they blend together into one high-energy explosion of jazz, funk, fusion, and metal. 
Starting with the crazy song Blast Off, you can tell you aren’t listening to a normal band.  The saxophone (brought alive beautifully by Walter Francourt) wails in a way that would embarrass most metal guitarists when it comes to its brutality and riffing.  It’s all over the place, and I mean that in a great way.    He uses a distortion pedal of some kind on it for certain parts, and it’s a stunning and unique listen.  You would never have imagined that a sax would be a legitimate metal lead, but Trioscapes pulls it off.

However, the star of this show (for me) is the incredible work of bassist Dan Briggs and drummer Matt Lynch.  These rhythmic monsters use syncopation and funk to deliver the most intense energy I have ever heard out of a rhythm section. 

I hate to even use that term, because they deserve more.  Dan Briggs uses his bass for more than just backing parts and rhythm.  He takes the lead numerous times, adding some overdrive to his bass and ripping solos that are more powerful than 90 percent of the guitarists out there.

This is challenging music to listen to.  It’s psychedelic, intense, and there isn’t a singer. So, people who only love the “hook heavy” music need not apply.  This is straight up high-intellect rock in a way  you have never heard.  If you are feeling adventurous and love amazing skill and music writing ability, please, grab this one up.

--The Professor

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