Friday, November 23, 2012

Ripple Tech - Bassbuds Earbuds Review and Special Offer

Another look into some cool tech that might appeal to waveriders of all types.

Recently, I’d been invited to try a set of Bassbuds earbuds/earphones.  If you’ve not heard of them before, Bassbuds are in-ear buds with a focus on fashion as well as sound. Rather than just being plain black (or plastic), Bassbuds have a Swarovski crystal on the outside and come in litany of different color choices.  For what it's worth, mine were deep gray, and in truth, a fine looking set of buds.  But let's be honest, I'm hardly a fashion plate, and I really don't care what my ear buds look like, just how they sound.  Which is where these tasty little devices really impressed.

Popping these babies into my ears, I thought for a moment what would be the perfect music to test the quality of the sound, the range, and yes, the bass.  I wanted something dynamic, with soaring epic moments, bass heavy valleys, heavy and loud, yet soft at times, and acoustic.  Scrolling through my iPhone, Fen's "Trails Out of Gloom" came up.  Not only is it one of my favorite albums that we've released so far on Ripple Music, but it's an album I've heard a thousand times, so I'm intimately familiar with every nook and cranny.

And let me say, it's never sounded better!  I have a nice over ear set of plugs that I usually wear.  They cost me about $150, which I sacrificed willingly.  Since I travel a ton and own a record label and a music review site, you could say hearing music with crispness and clarity is extremely important to me.  Whether examining a newly turned in master recording of one of our bands, or listening for a Ripple review, the music has to sound real and dynamic.  With the Bassbuds it definitely did.

The sound was incredibly warm for the acoustic passages.  The bass response was heavy and full and brought the meat to the metallic passages.  Nothing was too tinny or piercing.  It actually may have been the best the album has ever sounded to me.

On top of that, the Bassbuds are amazingly comfortable for in-ear devices.  Considering I'm on long flights and listen to music non-stop, I'm very sensitive to this.  Standard iPhone buds dig into my ear canals like dentists drills after awhile.  Nothing like having your ears hurt listening to music; not from the raging volume but from the damn buds!  Not here.  I wore these several hours straight with no discomfort whatsoever.  Even more comfortable than my over-ear buds.   Plus they come with earpieces of three sizes (and two colors of each size.)

The Bassbuds seem to be well built too. I've broken and/or worn out more earbuds than I can count.  But these feel solid and sturdy.  The cable also seems durable and strong.

Reading about the buds suggests that the crystals play some role in the delivery of a better quality audio experience.  Maybe I'm just too dense to understand this, but I can't refute it.  These buds sound good.  Also, outside noise is nearly completely reduced (which is another big thing for plane flight) and just as importantly, there's almost no sound leakage.  Holding these about 14" from my ears, I can barely hear the music playing.  That's a plus for those around me on those long flights. 

So over all, I'm sold and have found my newest set of buds.  And in the spirit of giving, Ripple is gonna help you try them out yourself.  Below, find a special voucher code to buy your own Bassbuds and save $30.

That's $30 off a killer set of earbuds.  Just in time for the holidays.

BB59772  and the link is:



6 pairs of silicone (small, med., large) earbuds in both black and white colors
3 pairs of black memory foam comfort earbuds
Compatible with all Smartphones
MP3 Controller w/ play/pause and next/prev track
Answer/end calls as well as voice control
Anti-tangle, durable, double wrapped cable
High-quality, light weight aluminum housing
Crystaltonics high performance sound technology
Gold Plated 3.5mm jack
BassBag; protective phone/MP3 & bassbuds carrying case
Made with Swarovski elements

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