Thursday, September 13, 2012

The Graviators - Evil Deeds

Oh yeah people! Listen up because you don't want to miss out on this. Evil Deeds is the second album from the Swedish band The Graviators and what can I say? Holy Fuck! This album simply oozes with fat heavy riffs, 70's rock, doom and Niklas Sjöberg's  awesomely haunted and hypnotic voice.

I've heard their name circulate for quite a while but I have never really paid attention. And what a miss that would have been because The Graviators are the real deal.

When bands, regardless what genre they "belong to", incorporate their influences into their own music, they usually go for crappy recording productions thinking it will make them sound vintage or something. Plus when focusing on sounding vintage they lose all originality and creativity. The Graviators goes the opposite way. Evil Deeds was recorded with analogue equipment and they found a sound that is so big, fat and rich which lifts their music to a whole different level....that and the great musicianship.

From the word go The Graviators takes me on a majestic journey through the universe of doom. I have already mentioned Sjöberg's amazing voice but it would come to nothing if he wasn't backed up by the band. Johan Holm(bass guitar) and Henrik Bergman(drums) are solid as hell but yet innovative and aren't afraid to let loose and jam. Guitarist Martin Fairbanks is riffing like there is no tomorrow, it's doom people it's doom, however he thows in some excellent solos and is a crushing axe-wielder....and I love it! More guitar solos and cowbells damn it!

To elevate their music even furthter they have utilized Petrus Fredestad on Hammond organ, piano and synths and that's a very smart move. Take the track Presence for instance. It is great in it's own right but already during the intro Fredestad's Hammond just takes the track to a whole different dimension.  I get some nice Jon Lord vibes folks.

Every time I listen to Evil Deeds that feel-good sensation appears and I find myself rocking out hard. Kind of dangerous while driving I must add but when a a great album is spinning caution goes out the window...literally! What I hear is the perfect homage to some of the great bands  of the 70's: Black Sabbath and Deep Purple especially. You, dear reader and potential buyer/listener, will probably hear other influences and that's perfectly fine. However the greatest trait with The Graviators, apart from their excellent talent, is their amazing knack and ability to create fantastic original music while incorporating their influences in the best possible way.

Take my word for it, missing out on Evil Deeds is plain foolish. Whether you're a doomhead or simply love lead-heavy rock this album has it all and you will not be disappointed, quite the contrary! Go out and get it, get mesmerised and let Evil Deeds take you wherever it takes you. Regardless it will be a fantastic adventure...over and over again! Myself I'm going to get my hands on their first self-titled album while rocking hard to this one. Good times, good times indeed.



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