Wednesday, September 5, 2012

FEN Debut New Video for First Single, "A Long Line," from the Album that Power of Gave a Perfect 10/10

Strutter 'Zine has called it "Stunning."  The Power of Metal gave it a perfect "10/10."  Hard n Heavy Webzine hailed it "Spectacular."

Of Losing Interest is tearing through the charts and leaving the critics and fans alike with slack-jawed amazement.

Now, Vancouver's alternative prog-meisters, FEN, have partnered up with The Ripple Effect for an World Premiere exclusive preview of the bands new video, "A Long Line."

 Following up on 2010’s breakout album, Trails Out of Gloom, the band return to their heavier roots with the brand new album, Of Losing Interest. Once again recorded at Creativ Studios with longtime producer, Mike Southworth at the helm, the band have crafted themselves an album that perfectly balances the technical virtuosity of heavy metal with the more down to earth tones of the early 90’s alternative rock movement. Of Losing Interest is available through Nail Distribution in North America, Code 7 in the UK, Clearspot International in Europe, at the Ripple Music Bandcamp for digital and here at the Ripple Store for physical.
Tune in here!: Heavy Planet

Fen will be hitting the road to begin support Of Losing Interest in September:

Sept 21st: Kamloops, BC - The Dirty Jersey
Sept 22nd: Salmon Arm, BC - Hideaway Pub
Sept 25th: Calgary, AB - Vern's Bar
Sept 28th: Prince George, BC - Riley's Pub
Sept 29th: Dawson Creek, BC - Rockwell's

Here’s what the press has to say:

“Fen combine more traditional prog  passages with heavy riffs creating a unique sound. The band certainly know the way around their respective instruments  and have the talent to pull off the complex passages.”  --  Get Ready To Rock!

“Certainly, Of Losing Interestis different than its predecessor, but not entirely unexpected from Fen. Being heavier rock, even metal, the album still offers the listener their darker side. Recommended. 4 / 5”  --  Dangerdog

“Now they are back with a stunning new album titled ‘Of losing interest’, which musically goes into a very high quality Progressive Rock/Metal direction. It is especially thanks to the superb vocalwork of singer DOUG HARRISON that FEN’s music is lifted way above other bands in this extensive genre called Prog. 8.6/10 ”  --  Strutter ‘zine


Now, here's the World Premiere Video "A Long Line"

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