Sunday, September 16, 2012

Arrow Haze - Music Factory


Beautiful, aggressive, and thoughtful, the Belgium-based rock band Arrow Haze’s new album “Music Factory” takes multiple genres and brings them together in a tasteful and intelligent mix.  

There are so many different layers to the sound of Arrow Haze that it’s tough to even begin describing.  The guitar riffs cover a wide spectrum, from funk, jazz, to metal, and old-school classic soloing.  It’s all done in a beautiful and impressive manner that really grabs the listener from the first song on. 

While the technical prowess of the guitarists are quite beautiful to listen to, what really sets this band apart from many acts that try to bridge genres is the beautiful and heartfelt vocals.  Drummer/Vocalist Theo Greens vocals aren’t overpowering and they don’t feel as though he’s trying to turn his voice into something it isn’t.  He doesn’t try to be over-aggressive.  He’s found his wheelhouse, and his gorgeous vocal melodies over the aggressive and technically impressive guitar work is a genuine powerhouse experience.  Add to it a technically sound rhythm section, and you have an amazing listen. 

This is the type of album that you can fully immerse yourself in.  There aren’t any tracks or segments that are skippable.  It’s a cohesive and engaging listen from top to bottom.

Highlights for me include the epic first track “Casino” and the beautiful lyrical content in “Along the Way”.  There is beauty here, as well as anger.  It’s a microcosm of the world that we live in, and if you have the opportunity, “Music Factory” is a must-listen. 

--The Professor

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