Thursday, August 2, 2012

Ripple News - Announcing the Arrival of the Ultimate Vinyl Collecting Aide -

Vinyl Collectors take note.

A while back we post about a site called, designed to help you scour the net looking for records and finding the best price.  Well, that site has had a facelift and is now Vinyl Stall.

If you've ever looked around and around for a particular album and wished you could just search one site and find it for the best price, this may be the site for you. serves two purposes: First of all, if you are looking for a particular record, and want to get it at the best price, then this is a great tool that provides a quick, no hassle way of seeing where would be the best place to buy from. Secondly, if you own a rare record and want to see how much this record is selling for online, then you will be able to see what it is going for at all of the main online marketplaces. 

On you enter an artist and/or a title for the vinyl record that you are looking for, hit ‘search’ and you will be provided with a listing of the number of records available and the lowest price that this record is available for at each of the main online record stores.

The information given on this vinyl records search is live. It is not information fed into a database or manually entered in some way, but uses perl script to scrape off information from each of the store’s pages after you have entered your search terms. This means that you get the most up to date prices for the vinyl record that you are looking for.

I've searched a few hard to find records and brought up some good search results and good price comparisons.  Check it out.

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