Friday, July 6, 2012

Your Protected - S/T

If you know my tastes then it's pretty obvious that I really dig me some instrumental post-rock/progressive tunes.  What can I say?  Sometimes I like to get lost in that music.  Nothing wrong with that.


Your Protected have me covered in every way.  On their debut ep, the UK four-piece display electrifying musicianship, talented songwriting and also - a certain amount of super-heaviness.  Twin guitars by James Tottle and Chris Tookey are both crushing and mesmerizing on all six tracks.  The combined efforts of James White (bass) and Michael Edwards (drums) are simply amazing.

As usual, I'm at a loss for words (not good for a contributing writer), so I'll steal some of the band's.

"Music should be organic, like a symbiotic life form entwined with our minds; healing and helping, invoking and teaching.  Mutually evolving and leading us down unforeseen corridors of thought, on adventures of mind and hope," according to Your Protected.

Sounds great, huh?  It is.

Don't you dare ask me to pick a favorite because in my opinion, they're all superb.  Every damn one.  Excellent stuff right here, no doubt about it.

I have to?  Ok.  Then I choose "Adventure Song".  Especially love the elephantine riffage there.  Or maybe "Bright Black", with it's old-school metal vibe.  "Help Is On The Way" has a calming effect, too.  On the other hand, I'm transfixed by the first two tracks, "Cordyceps" and "Do The Trapeze".

Dangit, I told you I couldn't pick one.  Bet you can't either.  Go ahead and try.

Download the ep for free or name your price at Bandcamp.  Then get lost in it.  Don't worry about a's Your Protected.


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MijkeDjiamond said...

Awesome review, these guys are some of my closest friends and it's awesome to see that people are impressed by their music. Here's a video I shot of a gig they did for a small party in Cardiff.

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