Wednesday, July 25, 2012

The Company Band - Pros & Cons

What can I say about this band? What's the word I'm looking for? Wait I know. ROCK!...yeah, that's it my brothers and sistas ROCK!

If you're planning on blowin down the highway this summer in the fast lane with the windows down...well then...your gonna need Pros & Cons by The Company Band knockin down your audio speakers. The Company Band is Dave Bone, Neil Fallon (Clutch), Brad Davis (Fu Manchu), Jess Margera (CKY) and James A. Rota (Fireball Ministry)

Neil Fallon's vocals is the audio juice for any internal combustion engine rippin down a two lane blacktop. The track that just blows my mind,  is "El Dorado". Okay maybe I'm biased because my ride for many years was a 1971 Caddy Eldo. Just like the Caddy at the end of Rob Zombie's -  The Devils Rejects. This cut "El Dorado" just kicks ass on all levels.  So crank that sucker, and fuck the air conditioner.  Roll down those windows man. Hit the highway with your baby. Make shure she's smellin like coconut suntan lotion. Wearing cut off jean shorts and barefoot,  is just a bonus dude.  Pros & Cons by The Company Band is one of those records that are made for summer. Slip on your mirror aviators, cram in this CD and get your ass on a long road trip.  Straight up ROCK for any summer time Bonnie&Clyde roadtrip to the beach.  I'm  bet'in  your woman's legs will get sexy hot, and stick to the leather seat after hearing this. Bring on the dog days of summer.

- Wino Chris

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