Tuesday, July 10, 2012

The Informal Gentlemen – Orange Lights

Image of The Informal Gentlemen "Orange Lights"

So this guy I know in this metal band kept telling about this non-metal band I had to check out, and he just kept raving on and on about this band I had to hear.  You know how that goes.  With all respect, those kinds of “referrals” just don’t work out.  A lot of the time they are just talking up a buddy’s band that goes belly up before they even play a show.

But I gave in.  I listened.  Holy.  Freaking.  Shit.  I am so glad I did.  The Informal Gentlemen are here and they are definitely worthy of your attention.  This is a very impressive outing.  Opening track “The Witch” has a very memorable riff that grabs you right off the bat and the entire album just moves on from there.

These guys have a pop vibe to them, but I also hear some things that are very Nirvana-esque in the song writing and structures.  They also remind me some of Everclear, the band, not the alcohol.  It’s a very interesting, intriguing, beguiling mix and it pulled me in.  I have to say there is some excellent song writing on this album, from the lyrics, melodies, riffs and the very construction of the songs.  Really, really good stuff.

Some of these tracks, like “Alcoholics Anonymous” and the title track, “Orange Lights” are pretty straight forward rockers.  Others like “Mildew” and “Cold Dish” have a kind of start-stop style to them that is really cool.  Some like “She’s Perfection” are just great pop songs.  “Ocean Eye” is a great number that starts with a nice acoustic riff and builds from there, and is the one song that really reminds of Everclear (the band, not the alcohol) in a very good way.  And album closer “Let It Rain” is a fantastic slower number that is kind of a ballad and kind of something else too.

I just cannot say enough good things about this band and album.  I believe this is their first full length release and considering that it is all the more impressive.  These are the underground bands that we need to find and support, because the music business is in such a state of disarray that bands like this one could easily just get lost in the shuffle or never even get out of first gear if they are left to be discovered by a record label.  This is a perfect example to me of what technology can do for a young band in 2012.  They can professionally record some songs, get a CD out and let people know about them.  And we all need to know about them.  Check out The Informal Gentlemen, find ‘em on Facebook, Bandcamp, CD Baby, wherever.  Buy their music; support them so that more music can be released.  This is what we music lovers need to do.


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