Sunday, July 29, 2012

Earthrise - Eras Lost

Eathrise, from the Twin Cities, will crush you with a down tuned, down tempo, post Doom assault!!! Period!!!

 No, this is NOT your typical “Doom” or, “Metal” release at all. This is a refreshing look into what down tuned and down tempo music could be. The beats are not the single, drone driven 4/4 bashings with an oft fill to make sure the players are awake or know when to change chords. This release has an edge to it that cuts with every track and will make the listener go for the ride.

 If you’re thinking of buying this, first think of Meshuggah, but slowed down. Then think elements of Godflesh, then a touch of YOB for some atmosphere.

 This is an odd/off tempo (at times) attack that blends Metal, Doom, some drone and sample to front with an amazingly produced impact.

 For fans of modern Doom or, Metal fans looking for a bridge to something Doom, this release will give the player and anyone wanting more than a nod and stop listening experience a strong taste of something different and good.

 This is definitely a release worth picking up and seeing played live!!!



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Anonymous said...

sounds absolutely nothing like godflesh or yob! there are no traces of "doom" here either.

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