Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Bestial Holocaust – Into The Goat Vulva

Into The Goat Vulva

So I get this release to review and the note in the email says something to the effect of, “I saw vulva in the title and immediately thought of you.”  I wasn’t quite sure how to take that, but a friend pointed out that there are certainly much worse things that I could be associated with than vulvas.  Say, for example, you wouldn’t want an email saying, “I saw this fresh, steaming pile of dog shit today and thought of you”.  And I am the guy who very publicly professed my love of all things vulval and vaginal in a review a couple months back, so I guess I really can’t, and shouldn’t, complain too loudly.

I do wanna be quite clear about one thing, though.  I do live in Washington state, which does make it into the national news from time to time because of the apparently large number of bestiality farms here, but in no way, shape or form have I ever had anything to do with goat vulvas.  Even if the Dark Lord himself offered me the opportunity to personally crash Nickelback’s plane and ensure no survivors other than myself would I have anything to do with goat vulvas.  Just wanna be clear.

This is the 3rd CD for Bestial Holocaust, who hail from Bolivia.  What does it sound like?  Probably a lot like what you would expect from a band with a name like this.  They have a great combination of thrash, death metal and black metal, in that order of relevance, and they sound really good.  There is nothing fancy or ground breaking here, but if you want some straight up metal that will allow you to bang your head for about 35 minutes, you need to get this release.  I have never heard of this band before but I will be searching out the rest of their catalog, I liked them that much.

My favorite tracks from the album are “Virgin Lust”,  “Tierra De Apariencias”, and “Eterna Transmigracion”.  Hey, they’re from Bolivia, they’re allowed to sing and have song titles in Spanish.  I wish I knew Spanish so I knew what the titles mean and so that I would have the slightest clue what the lyrics are, but the music is so beautifully brutal that you really don’t have to know.  The joy of music is that when it is done properly, you get what the music is about, whether you understand the lyrics or not.  And this is definitely metal done right.

Add this band and this release to the list of underground metal that you need to listen to and know about.  There’s a lot of crap out there so it is important to latch on to the good stuff when you find it.  Which is true about a lot of things in life.  I don’t know if these guys ever tour in the US or anywhere outside of Bolivia for that matter but if they ever come through my town I’ll be right in front thrashing like a maniac.


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