Monday, June 18, 2012

The Single Life - 7" of Fun - Featuring Devil to Pay, Mantis, Hosoi Bros, and Miss Lava

Devil to Pay/Mantis  - Split

My God!  Why aren't more people talking about Devil to Pay?  The boys have been around long enough to create some serious waves in the doom metal scene, having released three full-lengths and scattered others, yet I don't hear near enough about them.  And then I get this split with Mantis and it's just screaming at me that these boys need to be heard.  Not content to be a straight doom band, or stoner, or sludge, Devil to Pay do it all, and even toss a little grunge, classic rock, and straight ahead groove metal into their mix.  "Tractor Fuckin Trailer" rides a beefy stoned out doom riff through the downtempo verses, soaring to a massive sludgy rock fest for the chorus.  Guitars are huge.  Bass is subsonic.  Drums are bruised.  Toss in some clean, yet thickened vocals  a real, honest-to-goodness guitar solo, and a groove that winds itself tighter than a coiled rattler, and we got a slice from the doomer/stoner bliss pie.   Mantis bring it as well with their bass stumbling, wahed out blitz, "Chocking on Forbidden Fruit."  Big and loud, Mantis add a touch bebop and a galloping drum beat to their side, making for a nice balance to the Devil to Pay side.  Both are strong, groove riddled and weighty.  Released in 2003 by Lax Wax Records, it can still be tracked down and is worth the trouble.   A killer split.

Hosoi Bros - Wine Witch b/w Yellow Fever

Every time I hear this, I like it a little bit more.  Looking at the guys, you wouldn't know what to expect.   Check out the photos on the back, you'd think the local trailer park got overturned by a tornado and resurrected the muck hiding under the local rocks in Memphis.  And that muck formed a band.  On top of that, lead-singer/guitarist Severin Allgood (yes . . .I love his name) has the appearance of a lost Hanson Brother; the one who never made the hockey team.  But then they start playing and, holy fuck, all notions go out the window. Forget appearances.  These guys flat out rock!  "Wine Witch" is full on Motorhead fueled, punk-snot nosed, Angelwitch sputum NWOBHM.  Guitars flare and wind and undulate and it's all so . . . .fucking good.   There's a stoner vibe to the guitar tone, but all amped up as if the bong got filled with meth not water.  And best of all, the band just don't take themselves seriously.  I mean, come on.  Wine Witch?  666?   It's that tongue in cheek humor that just makes the damn thing so special.  "Yellow Fever" rocks with just as much abandon.

The heavy scene needs a band like this.  One that doesn't get lost up their own tattooed ass.  No pictures of wax dripping down skulls and burning embers. Just pure, unadulterated metallic haze.   I heard these guys are one of the most raucous acts in Memphis.  I don't doubt that for a second.

Hanson Brothers of metal.  Who'd a thunk it?  


Miss Lava - Ride

Ever been to Lisbon, Portugal? You haven't? Lemme fill you in.

Climate? You might want to avoid the summer months. It was uncomfortably HOT.

The cuisine? What I tried was really HOT.

The women? To my eyes, a lot of them were pretty HOT.

See where I'm going with this? A lot of damn heat is generated in that city.

Never listened to any local heavy bands while I was there, but right now, the hard-rocking Miss Lava has to be some of the hottest around. Forecasts indicate they're ready to erupt with a new record in a few months.

Relax. You don't have to go there to hear the first single off the upcoming Red Supergiant, to be released in September. The band is offering a scorching, "Ride", free for download, management said. Miss Lava even put out a nifty music video, directed by Joerg Steineck (Lo Sound Desert, Truckfighters). Shot in Las Vegas and Red Rock Canyon, it's a pretty cool vid and fits the fuzz.

Check it. If you want the song for your portable music player or pc, click the Bandcamp or Soundcloud links.


Devil to Pay - Tractor Fuckin' Trailer

Hosoi Bros - Wine Witch

Miss Lava - Ride


George said...

Any reason why the Hosoi Bros video isn't showing? Should be the meat in the muscle car sandwich of videos.

The Ripple Effect said...

got the video fixed!

Chris said...

Haha,the Hosoi Bros sent me that single and during the emailing I had to do a google check to see that it wasn't Racer.

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