Saturday, June 30, 2012

Promising Lips - Self-Titled EP


It is like a first date.  You open the cellophane packaging on a CD - it’s an icebreaker.  The equivalent of a pick up line - “Have we met before?”  Your eyes size up the physical attributes of the package - in this case two guys on a stark hillside, casually dressed, hands in pockets.  Still there is something about it - the words ‘Promising Lips,’ in a large and bold-faced all capital type centered across the entirety of the photograph on the cover.

What is it about France?  Is it the romance, the thousands of years of art, Aurelie Claudel (  The air seems to breed great modern rock bands.  The four tracks on the french band Promising Lips’ self-titled EP blew me away.  The two-piece rock band consists of longtime friends Alikhan Dearlove and bassist Eric V. They supply all of the sound, writing and production.  Each track is kissed with lusciousness.

My mouth dropped open when I heard the first track, The Devil’s Way.  It is a driving, rocking, sensuous calculated production piece of desire.  You get engrossed in a salacious assault on the senses and it doesn’t let up.  The second track, Lovers As Gamblers, picks up where The Devil’s Way leaves off - strident independence with a dab at the corners, screeching guitars, pleading vocals, textures..

The music draws you in.  The third track, Perfect Poison, rubs up against David Byrne/David Bowie territory. It delivers desire and rock hard tension. The final track, Circles, is a punk hard progressive rock hip moving sonic opera.  

It is not enough.  The EP is like a great french kiss at the end of a wonderful first date.  It is hot, anxious and wonderful - lip-smacking good, but leaves you wanting more.  Ah, yes, they are Promising Lips.

- Old School


The Devil’s Way


Perfect Poison


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