Saturday, June 23, 2012

Monte Pittman - Pain, Love & Destiny

Rock classics are formed from six substances - desire, musical and technical brilliance,skilled writing and recording, and marketing.  So far Monte Pittman has conquered five of them. What, you haven’t heard of Monte Pittman?

With the album Pain, Love & Destiny Pittman produces the equivalent of the modern classic rock concept album  - a genre that largely died out with the increased popularity of tape and digital music. Since artists were no longer confined by the time limitations of vinyl, thematic concept albums became largely pass√©.  Pittman’s fourteen track CD, however, reinvigorates the classic rock concept album genre. 

Each song is a self-contained drama.  Pittman displays virtuosity with electric and acoustic guitars, synths, piano, beats and harmonies.  The result is a spinning, soaring, spiraling journey of suspense and glorious classic rock hooks.  It is epic rock music. 

The album itself is one of discovery and rediscovery; about hope and desire, reflections on love, life and loss, and strikes at the heart.  As Pittman writes in his shortest lyric on the album, “Right Back Here Again”:

I care how you’re feelin’
And I know what you’re up for

Don’t wave goodby
Time is on your side

Somewhere there is a door that opens more
It brings us right back here again

I know what you’re thinkin’
And I care more than before

Monte Pittman has desire, musical and technical brilliance and is skilled at writing and recording.  His guitar playing is fantastic.  His composition is flawless. It seems all he needs now is the marketing and it looks like he’s working on it.  He is a L.A. Music Awards nominee for 2012’s Best Male Singer/Songwriter.  The awards will be handed out on June 14, 2012.  By the time you read this I wouldn’t be surprised if he won.  He already is the 2012 Artists In Music Awards Best Solo Artist.

So, have you heard Monte Pittman before?  You probably have.  He taught Guy Ritchie and Madonna to play guitar and has played on every one of Madonna’s live tours  (Pain, Love & Destiny sounds nothing like Madonna). You also might have heard him in the industrial rock band Prong (The album is not industrial rock) or with Adam Lambert (it sounds nothing like Lambert). 

Even if you have heard Pittman you haven’t heard Pittman until you hear Pain, Love & Destiny.  You can tell this is really what Monte Pittman sounds like.  Monte Pittman has created a rock album classic.and success, as the last song on the album is titled, appears to be a “Predetermined Destiny.”

--Old School


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Jeanine Politte said...

Great review - had to turn up Pain, Love & Destiny - listening again... and again.... Somewhere a door opens more.

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