Sunday, June 3, 2012

Catheter - Southwest Doom Violence

Denver dankstahz, Catheter, return with what is - in my humble opinion - their heaviest record yet.

Southwest Doom Violence (Selfmadegod Records) features great production; the bass shines on this record and the guitars sound more like a chainsaw than anything else.   The vocals could be a little louder, however.

Most of the tracks keep it fast with an abundance of killer riffs, blast beats and brutal vocals to go around.  Catheter has always schooled the rest in this regard, but the grinders keep it fresh with a few slower tunes in between.  'Encapsulation' is an excellent opening track and 'Turning Point' delivers the violence.

Catheter has a large volume of split-vinyl releases to their name (the splits with Entrails Massacre and Unholy Grave are pretty cool), with three full-lengths among them.   Preamble to Oblivion and Dimension 303 stack up nicely alongside Terrorizer or The Kill.  Southwest Doom Violence retains that quality, but reminds me a little of Coffins or Carbonized, even.

Catheter's music does all the talking (a good thing, as I can't understand much of what they are saying), so I'm keeping this one short.  If you haven't yet heard Catheter, then you're doing something wrong.  They are one of the best Grind bands around.


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