Sunday, May 13, 2012

Rumpelstiltskin Grinder – Ghost Maker

With the impending release of Philly’s own Rumpelstiltskin Grinder’s third full length offering on Candlelight Records, the listener will be glad they took the time to distill their own brand of crushing riffs and beat down brew for the thirsty to be pummeled with!

 The group’s unique cross-over and multi-genre sound is taken to another level with Ghost Maker in speed, complexity, anger and attack, being unleashed on June 19th.

 Song after song will have you pumped, pacing and ready to explode as the foursome blow beats and riffs out of the speakers, wanting to stage dive from the closest object to jump from.

 Energy packed and full of diversity, Ghost Maker will be an instant “Must Have” for long time fans and newer fans that want a solid purchase.

 Songs like the title track, Ghost Maker, Nightworms, Fucking Wild and an aptly named Dripping with Venom will satisfy a listener’s inner destructive id and urge it’s release.

 Others tracks, like Cold Haunting Death and A Lurking Thief change pace slightly, but are no less effective in delivering a death blow to the senses.

 The circle pit will be lively, when You’ve been Had and Iron Jaw break out! This will see long hairs, skins and mohawk quaffed guys and girls flailing limbs and flying from the stage for the duration.

Get Out of My Grave is an eviction notice that is posted right between your eyes! Clocking in at 4:42 it’s got the force and strength to do it all on it’s own.

 The frolicking Run Through the Bastards, will do just that! A hammer down, hard hitting serving of fuck you up that for 5:25 will be a test of pit endurance for some and a sweat starter for others. This song is a Gem that they should play live every night!

The release ends with Desert Goblins, as it fades into a sunset sure to bring more activity than what first began.

This is a superior effort from RG that takes their previous full length and Split releases and amps it up and nails you down with a genuine fury that most can only briefly obtain.

These guys spread their violent form of Brotherly Love in a well constructed and well produced release that separates them from those that ape to a specific kind of genre and instead, draws in listeners of many various forms of Metal and all for the better!

Dig It!!!


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