Sunday, May 20, 2012

Never to Arise – Hacked to Perfection

 (Sometimes a band hits the Ripple Staff so hard that two writers want to review it.  Check here for Odin's review.  Here's Big's)

A two man Death Metal band from Pinellas County Florida who couldn't care less about being trendy.

 With an album titled “Hacked to Perfection”, you are initially interested to see if it a Death Metal masterpiece or, just a piece.

 A quick look at the song titles will read like a mad man that has unleashed his hatred of women onto society at large, for reasons that appear lack of date related.

 The Femicidal Impulse starts the trip into the dark psyche, on a path of deeper and growing hatred and atrocities against the hapless victims.

 Hyperbaric Torture Chamber loads and fires some skillful guitar gymnastics that is mixed with some punishing rhythm and drum work. The production mix is top notch and on point for this song.

  Sloppy Surgery evokes a vision of a delicate procedure about to be performed, just as the patient is about to go completely under from sedation and seeing the Dr. fire up a chainsaw in a rubber smock and goggles.
 In Debasement with start a violent circle pit from the first chords and grow into increasing intensity, causing blood to pump, edge standing onlookers to be driven back from the fury, beer to be spilled and those inside the tempest to endure a Survival of the Sickest event.

 Mutilation Supreme takes the listener on a joyous romp through the pleasures of separating limbs and tissue from their origins. This is a well done song in every aspect from concept to delivery.

 Bereft of Conscience forges into the single minded focus of a lunatic, with bloody, carnal intentions. A great song for jackhammer operators and machine gun testers, while listening on the job.

 I Made Her Famous played at volume is sure to crack foundations. This song is the background music being played for two angry energizer bunnies, grudge fucking each other to see which one busts a nut first. An excellent selection for a farewell fuck or, those that dig some sadistic action, for thrills.

 Snuff Film Superstar continues in an “after I got my rocks off all over her” manner, to complete the episode for posterity. No blindfold or, hood given for this one. The listener can see it all in their mind’s eye.

 Devoured by Wolves proceeds to take the subject remains and stuff them into a garbage bag, for a trip to the deep words and feeding some of natures own.

 Misogynistic Acts Of Barbaric Sadism completes the scene and makes the listen hope there is a continuation, all the way to trial, conviction and death sentence.

 This is a well done Death Metal album, for lovers of the genre and may actually interest those who don’t or, wouldn’t normally listen to any.

 For a two man outfit, this is really creative and well done. This reviewer can only wonder if there are other players that can keep pace with these two and take this Horror Show on the road. ??? . If not, I can easily see this duo upping the game of any Slasher Movie soundtrack. Producers and Directors take note!


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