Sunday, May 27, 2012

Be'lakor - Of Breath and Bone

BE’LAKOR is considered n. 1 melodic death metal band from Australia, despite the young age of its members. ‘Of Breath and Bone’ is BE’LAKOR‘s 3rd album, following the huge success of the previous ‘Stone’s Reach’, that led the band to play big international festivals like Summer Breeze 2010 in Germany (the band is re-confirmed for Summer Breeze 2012) and to tour Europe with single shows in Portugal and UK.

The track listing is as follows:

Absit Omen
To Stir the Sea
In Parting
The Dream and Waking
By Moon and Star

 The song "Abeyance" stirs one to immediately envision Vikings and cold, snow covered lands with blonde raiders in tattered beards. Then it brings you forth to the strains of a modern sound from the frozen lands of salmon and Ikea. A nice bit of Pro and Harmony with a dash of moody, odd tempo goodness to keep your head nodding until the next musical saga unfolds.

 "Remnants" opens up like a crisp winter chill and builds into a chaotic pre-dawn attack by apposing forces. Then comes the counter attack by the angered tribe. A casual walk through the battlefield, to gather the spoils of the attackers failed attempt, only to pursue them with anger and retribution in mind.

 "Fraught" starts of like a modern emo sounding ditty that then crashes into a driving delivery that leaves one nodding and enjoying the guitar play. The time changes and instrumental interplay will keep you very interested while the “Growling in earnest” vocals will satisfy the overlord within you all.

 "Absit Omen" opens a melancholy mood of a returning war party to the news of a fate befallen an entire village. The riffs and beat changes are well thought out and play well to the whole of the song and is refreshing to hear a well crafted song done, as this one is.

 "To Stir the Sea" begins tragically in context with acoustic guitars and synths building a song scape that hands you into the following song.

 "In Parting" picks up from To Stir the Sea and carries on with an almost somber note of an impending split from either the company of a loved one or, one’s own existence.
Around halfway through, the acoustic guitars return with the melancholy refrain and are scuttled with a rapid attack of drums and guitars, with a bass line tucked noticeably, but just under the mix to differ the direction of the focus of the intended result. A haunting piano joins the gathering to remind the listener that this is not a love song and by now, you are left glad the band did not go there.

 "The Dream and the Waking"takes one musically through a dream-like state, with all it’s twists, turns and surprises. This is a well crafted song that does not rush for the sake of a “Better part”, as it is a song that is construed as a better part in continuum.

  "By Moon and Star" invokes a scene of a sea bound armada, navigating it’s way to a battle of destiny on the Nordic seas.

 In summary, for a bunch of guys from Australia, they seem to be channeling their long lost Viking descendants and in a very fresh and creative way.
 This the bands’ third release is worth the purchase and many a play in whatever format you chose to buy it in.


--Big Dude

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