Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Ancient Warlocks


So here I am. In the basement yet once again. The volume knob labeled "HEAVY" on my stereo, is cranked to 10. But look who walks in? My cat "Sir James Marshall Hendrix". This is a good sign.

I've been listening to music for two hours now, but for some reason, he just jumped up onto my 1969 Marshall Cabinet. He's chill'in out. He must be dig'in this band. That would be Ancient Warlocks from Seattle Washington my brothers and sisters. This leads me to a couple of questions. Can Sir James hear that Wah too I wonder? Can he hear the fuzz pedal on "Super Wizard"? These cuts have a warm feel too it.  Like a fuzz impregnated wah, drenched over a big sexy bosom from 1974 pressed firmly up against your cheek. You got yourself stoner bliss here I would say.

The first Ancient Warlocks release, 'The Superwizard Single' is  available in limited edition release of 300 copies on 7" 45 rpm vinyl which includes original artwork by Eric Pruyn hand silk screened and numbered on each copy. Get it on now freaks, because if Ancient Warlocks sound anything like their demos when they play live, then you'll be in on the ground floor of pure rock Eden. 

Ancient Warlocks are in the process of stitching a full length drop in the very near future. Live shows can be found in the Seattle area. Stand out tracks "Lion Storm"...dare I say Sabbath. Okay I will...SABBATH...there I said it!

Sir James gives this band 10 beers out of 12.

 - Wino Chris  \m/


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