Sunday, April 8, 2012

Wild//Tribe - Endless Nights


The Dallas/ Fort Worth area of a little state called Texas is known for many things. TV shows, the JFK assassination but more importantly the ever growing Texas Punks scene. One of the forefront bands in that scene was Unit 21. Unit 21 garnered much respect in the Dallas Punk scene as well as traveling abroad and were even able to do tours in Japan. Back a few years ago Unit 21 stopped touring and really doing shows. From the ashes of Unit 21, Wild//Tribe has emerged to keep the crust punk alive in Texas. In November of 2011 Wild//Tribe released their first album, Endless Nights.

From the first song, "Power" to the last track, "Midnight Tribes', Wild//Tribe has one thing in mind, destroy everything. And destroy everything they most certainly do. This six track album makes you want to get in the pit, fuck shit up and destroy everything around you. It's deferentially the soundtrack for the youth of today.

Lyrically Wild//Tribe is just plain pissed off. You know me I love a good set of angry lyrics. My favorite song comes in the form of  the song "Cross Bearer". It's a mix of crust, d-beat drums and brutal vocals.

"Righteous god crippled faith
what's the point of going on living in fear
self-inflicted wound of life
judgement day not for me
follow in the word of god this text of lies
self-inflicted life of shit
righteous god crippled faith
swing your gabble cross bearer
live and die paranoid
gaze upon the masses with such ill content
vile disregard of self
judgement day crippled faith
heavy lies the sacred cross it snaps your back
and the will to leave me be
judgement day every day
cross bearer
take your fucking splintered cross
cross bearer
shove it up your fucking ass
you think you know salvation
but your sight is weak and loss
save the strength your god gives you
to beat your fucking cross
what's the point of going on living in fear
righteous god crippled faith
self-inflicted world of shit
judgement day every day"

For those who love great hardcore punk with bits of metal thrown in, Endless Nights is your album. As the expression goes, "everything is bigger in Texas". When it comes to crust punk, "everything is crustier in Texas".


Wild//Tribe goes good with: Unit 21, Tolar, Weak Minds, Life Erased, Tragedy, From Ashes Rise, His Hero Is Gone

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